Mystery drama, shot in one hot day (2017)
11 min, HD, German with Engl. Subtitles

A young woman awakens next to a man, who, while not unfamiliar, seems oddly strange to her. She roams drowsily through his apartment, being awash with shreds of memories. Fragments of what happened last night, which don’t add up to a coherent whole. In her head her own voice utters words to the man, words that seem awkward, devoid of meaning, even out of character for her. A picture on the wall pulls her in, spellbinds her. As her confusion slowly turns into fear, the picture seems to change too. From tranquility to warning. From an unclear past to an unclear future.

Written, edited, produced and directed by Lucas Vossoughi & Artur Golczewski
Cinematography by Roman Chalupnik
Sound & music by Mario Wienerroither
Starring Daniela Zacherl & Gox Mailer
Voice: Christoph Dostal

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